Magic Empire Tower Defense TD

Whether you are a skillful master or a beginner in strategic gameplay, you can play the Magic Empire Tower Defense game. In this strategic game, you will plan your tower building strategy to protect your map from the advancement of the creepy creatures that pass along. In the battle with the creatures, in addition to your towers abilities you have the capability of using the proper features such as bombs, poison. You can also use the Ice Effect decrease the movement speed of creatures or apply upgrade a Speed Tower upgrade inorder to increase your tower speed to defend your fields and eventually destroy the advancing creatures. In the upper levels of the game, a wise and well-planned strategy is needed to safeguard the field and remove the advancing creatures. In building your strategy, the player can use a combination of tactics by utilizing different types of towers to kill the creatures. The player(s) will enjoy the excitement of the gameplay throughout the levels and move up from level to level. An attractive and exciting game that will keep the player playing continuously with joy and fun.


– Drag and drop a tower to a proper position on the map.
– Start the game.
– Based on the amount of your coins, drag more towers and upgrade them to be more effective.
– In case of need, use a bomb to destroy all at once.


– Ice Effect will immediately slow down movement of the creatures.
– Poison Effect can be used to gradually damage the creatures.
– Bombs will bring a rapid destruction effect on the opponents.
– Increase the speed of the Tower instantly for better and quicker damage rate in battle.
– Attractive different themes from snowy grounds, green fields, soil, and sandy fields.
– An exciting and enjoyable free-to-play game.

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