Pour N Sort Water Puzzle


Pour N Sort Water Puzzle is an interesting free to play puzzle game.

You can start the game, selecting from 6 different difficulty levels. Each level has 200 puzzle games from which you can select and play. By solving each of the puzzles, you will earn bonuses as you move up. So, enjoy as you play and earn as you move up.


The scene of the play has bottles with mixed colored of liquids. The same color liquid should stay in each bottle. So your task is to purify and combine the same colors into a single bottle. To do so, transfer each color liquid on top of one bottle and place it on top of another bottle with the same color. If you get stuck you can restart, undo moves or add a new tube to help you out.


  • Different difficulty levels for you to select.
  • Each difficulty level has 200 puzzles.
  • Different backgrounds and different glasses for each difficulty level.
  • Earn coins as you progress. You can use the coins to unlock next levels if you want.

This is a fun game. Even when you are tired from work, you can still relax while playing the game and enjoy it. When you restart, you will continue from where you have stopped.

No matter how old you are, you can play and enjoy it.


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